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Para obtener la máxima intensidad, se debe de pronunciar el ingles lo más exagerado posible. lo ideal, sería dárselo a leer a un ingles o americano...

Boy a s n r = Voy a cenar = I'm gonna have dinner

N L C John = en el sillon = on the armchair

Who and seek ago = Juan se cago = John is a chicken things.

S toy tree stone = estoy triston = I'm kind a sad.

Lost trap eat toss = los trapitos = the little rags

Desk can saw = descanso = (you) rest.

As say toon as = aceitunas = olives.

The head the star mall less stan dough = deje de estar molestando =
stop bugging me.

See eye = si hay = yes we have

T n s free o ? = tienes frio = are you cold?

T N S L P P B N T S O = Tienes el pipi bien tieso = you have an

Tell o boy ah in cruise tar = Te lo voy a incrustar = I'm going to
insert it in you


Add on the bus? = ¿adónde vas? = where are you going?

Be a hope an son = viejo panzón = fat old man.

This S poor as stunt air E us = Dices puras tonterias = you're saying dumb things.

Me none brest in teen = mi nombre es Tintín = My name is Tintin.

Put us E full an ass = putas y fulanas = whores and bitches

Come at L last tost add us = cómete las tostadas = eat the toust

S soon come A O far lop hero = es un camello farlopero = He is a man passing marihuana

Ball add the pay jazz sad us = bola de payasadas = silly stuff.

See eye = si hay = yes, there is.

C 10 go free O = sí, tengo frío = yes, I'm cold.

R S hill lip O yes = eres gilipollas = you are dumb.